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About ChapChap

ChapChap is a Fintech and social venture looking to improve the livelihoods of low-income individuals and businesses by addressing market failures that result into exclusion of low-income persons from participating in productive financial activities.

ChapChap leverages versatile innovation, digital and mobile technology to unlock access to; gainful employment, trade, affordable credit facilities and low-cost financial services thereby enabling last mile low income consumers access goods and services that they are in desperate need of.

The company builds a coordinated network of micro, small and medium enterprises and uses their combined strength to create lasting impact in the communities they serve by becoming access points for a wide range of products and services

Our vision is to bring small businesses across Africa into the digital age and enable financial inclusion of them and their customers. We believe we are a key solution in propelling engaging 15 million small businesses across Africa towards sustainable growth.

Company Values

  • Innovation
  • Inclusive
  • Diversity
  • Customer Centricity
  • Teamwork

Who benefits from ChapChap?


Individual Customer

Over the last ten years, digital payments have become extremely critical to consumer convenience all over the world. The customer app was developed as a user-friendly and innovative payments solution that allows the user the opportunity to enjoy a hustle free e-payment experience.

Business Customer/Merchant

Managing a young business can be very challenging especially for a first-time business owner or entrepreneur. Having to constantly look for new customers while monitoring your stock, sales, expenses and payments can prove stressful. ChapChap is helping business owners juggle all these activities with a few clicks on their smart phone. No need for a university degree in accounts or technology!


In a country where the majority of people live in rural areas, distribution of fast-moving goods like beverages, agricultural food stuffs, telecom products and others can prove challenging. As a manufacturer or distributor, you often drive kilometers without making a sale and when you finally do make a sale, you have to worry about the safety of the cash collected. ChapChap enables you locate the businesses that sell your products so you can save on distribution costs, you are also able to receive mobile money as a form of payment reducing the risk of theft of money collected.

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