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A digital marketplace that offers products which promote the adoption of mobile payments while enabling it’s user to Pay, Earn and Save.


Over 400M Small and Medium-sized Enterprises in the global are burdened by the increasing cost of cash and many still hesitant to adopt the cashless trend.


Over 690m people are now using mobile money globally and yet many are still seeking for simple and convenient ways to pay.


Over 690m people are now using mobile money globally and yet many are still seeking for simple and convenient ways to pay.

Merchants and Customers need to have access to useful and affordable financial products and services that meet their needs – transactions, payments, savings, credit and insurance delivered in a convenient and sustainable way.

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You receive instant cashbacks for your transactions. Use this credit to purchase even more!


Transacting using our platform saves you up to 100% on your bill payments and online shopping


View all your transactions in a simple interface. Keep a tab on your spending history very easily


Put an end to going to stores at strange times; get services from the comfort of your couch anytime


We take your security very seriously; all your personal information is encrypted and confidential.

Super easy to use

Built with a focus on providing a great user experience, the ChapChap app is very intuitive


Features of the Application

Here is a why the Merchant Application is unique.

Manage your business better on the phone by simplifying the sales process.

Record and analyze sales data to make informed business decisions

Manage quantity of stock to determine when and how to often reorder for stock

Pay for services using the mobile money platform

Track your expenses on the go.


The Customer App

The Merchant App


Here is what our product users are saying!

Omome George W

Looking to own and Operate your Business Smartly, search no more. This App Combines and Manages all your Sales. U can Smartly track your Statements daily, Weekly or monthly. This Chapchap Merchant App is the way to Go for all the Business men and women.

Gilbert Ongereny

I hv loved this Application. Because it provides access to payment services of all networks. Only that access float is still costly. I wish company can simply accessing float cheaply. Otherwise I love it and am enjoying it's speed and stable network.

Darious Nkwasibwe

This is a very exciting business. It is disruptive in the way we are doing business. More revenue and it's easier for us to track revenue and expenses. Our customers are happy for the low costs. I am surely spreading the news to fellow business people to embrace it. Thank you Chap Chap Africa for thinking about us to enhance our business

Frank Serwada

Nungi nyo, enyambyeko mu business yange, makes payments easier...ooyyyeee chapchap

Phionah Kyomugisha

This is heaven sent. My goodness. Business management made easy



In 2015, an analysis by Approved Index revealed that Uganda was the most entrepreneurial country in the world.The analysis noted that the East African country has the planet’s highest proportion of people who have started businesses...
A new mobile phone payment system known as Chap Chap, has been launched in Uganda to enhance financial inclusion, a saving culture, promoting IT sector and use of mobile payments. The Chap Chap will enable users to earn and save ...
With the new features, ChapChap now empowers business owners-slash-merchants to keep track of their inventory stock, sales and revenue records all in their hands using their smart phones...


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