Our Story

ChapChap came to life in the most rare of partnerships. Emmanuel Emodek and James Alituhikya, both former students of Ms. Monica Asiimwe Kiconco, reunited with their primary school teacher after close to 25 years.

They were inspired to arms by the realization that poverty was a leading cause of broken families, conflict, civil strife, poor health, unemployment and ultimately the disharmony we endure in society.

ChapChap, a digital solutions provider, was founded to empower small and medium enterprises, give them visibility and clear access to manufacturers, financial services, governments and a fair advantage to compete in their respective markets.

Growing up, Emmanuel did not enjoy the same privileges young boys his age did at the time. He was often thrown around from one home to another because he did not live with his parents and was at the mercy of well wishing relatives. At a young age, he endured abject poverty, multiple failures and a daily dose of hopelessness to the point that he became synonymous with suffering amongst his peers. 

As a young man desperately trying to make ends meet, Emmanuel had just two options; to seek pity from people about his misfortune as a child or to do something to change the story of his life so that one day, little girls and boys like him would be inspired to make it even with all the odds stacked against them.  He was forced to venture into different income generating activities at a young age while he simultaneously pursued his education.

Emma eventually reunited with his primary school teacher and this reunion changed everything. They both quickly realized that neither of them had the technical skills to create a sustainable solution and yet the solution was going to be technology based.

The ultimate success of the ChapChap ideation was realized when Emmanuel and Monica finally collaborated with Alituhikya James.

James breathed new life into the project with his high level of expertise and went on to offer various solutions to many of the obstacles that were holding Emma and Monica back. He ardently believed in the ChapChap vision and went on to leave his highly remunerating job, joined Monica and Emmanuel and embarked on a journey that would see them empower people through the tools of technology.

Inspired by his ingenuity, they both agreed that poverty had always been the major cause of broken families, conflict, civil strife, poor health, lack of education, unemployment, and ultimately the disharmony we endure in society. A mutual understanding was arrived at that would see them come up with a digital solution aimed at uplifting people from poverty and fostering harmony. The name CHAPCHAP; an acronym standing for Creating Harmony Among People, was coined to that effect.

The journey, and expectedly so, has been littered with  enormous challenges, but none too big to stop the founders in their tracks.  They remain committed to ensuring that the Micro, Small and Medium enterprise owners run sustainable businesses and are not left out in this digital era. To this, they strongly believe that until the last man is digitally and economically empowered, all the problems associated with poverty will continue to foster disharmony and strife in society.


Founding Partners

Emmanuel Emodek Managing Director
Emmanuel Emmodek
Managing Director
Chief Executive Officer
Monica Kiconco Asiimwe
Chief Marketing Officer
James Alituhikya Chief Technical Officer
James Alituhikya
Chief Technical Officer