Why Financial Inclusion?

The world is moving at a very fast pace and technology has helped many economies overcome challenges in access to health, education, finance and even trade. However, many vulnerable people have been left behind because they cannot afford the tools available.

We now live in a world with an ever-widening chasm between the skills of the “average” worker and the capabilities demanded by frontier technologies.

Robots, software, and artificial intelligence have increased corporate profits and raised demand for skilled professionals. But they replace factory, sales, and clerical workers – hollowing out the traditional middle class. This “skills gap” contributes to deepening economic inequality and insecurity and ultimately to political polarization – the signal problems of our time.

This has led to aggravated youth unemployment, gender inequality, broken families, civil strife, poor health, conflict and disharmony in communities. More so these persons need more training and support to be able to utilise the opportunities for better livelihoods.

The acronym CHAP stands for “Creating Harmony Among People” and we believe that harmony can only be achieved if there is equal opportunity for everybody to access health, education, finance and trade. By leveling the playing field, we are empowering the 1.2 Billion Africans take control of their destinies.

At ChapChap we are using the power of community to help uplift fellow Africans from poverty through entrepreneurship, technology and digital technology. Our vision is to bring small businesses across Africa into the digital age and propagate financial inclusion for them and their customers.